Recipe for Niter Kibber (Ethiopian spiced butter). Whilst most dishes can be made without niter kibber, adding a little to each dish without a doubt elevates the meal from great to sublime. On my travels in Ethiopia, it was certainly regarded as a ‘treat’ ingredient to have, especially in rural areas.

Recipe for Berbere spice mix. The king of the spice mixes. No Ethiopian home is complete without a pot of berbere next to the stove in the kitchen and a further 30kg sack of the stuff stored elsewhere. Berbere is an essential ingredient for Ethiopian cooking.

Where to buy Teff flour in the UK. Most African supermarkets will sell teff flour, but Sainsbury’s also stock it as well as several health-food shops, Holland & Barrett and Naturally Good Food.


Matooke is a savoury green banana widely used all over Uganda. Once peeled and cooked the banana is mashed and served as the starchy side to beans, g-nut sauce or other dishes. They are also served whole, like in the breakfast dish matooke katogo. For those living in the UK, matooke can be bought from Lewisham market, East London’s Ridley Road market and online from Veena’s.

Posho is made using maize flour, also known as corn meal (NB, this is not the same as cornflour). Maize flour can be found on Amazon, Holland & Barrett and Tesco.

Posho, eaten here with beans

Jack fruit



Dagga dagga