Lara’s Finnish Fish Soup

“I haven’t seen a single sheep since I’ve been here”. I’m talking to Lara Lindsay, my friend who up until last year, was running a restaurant in Bristol, but now lives on an island in Finland, just 15 minutes from the Russian border. We spend most of the time talking about growing vegetables, her love…

Smoky Jo’s easy peasy smoked salmon

I’ve wanted to meet Jo Hampson ever since I tasted a slice of her smoked chicken. It was so delicious that it has been logged as one of my ‘food memories’, vivid and clear enough so that I can still taste the smoky, unnervingly tender chicken in my mouth. Where did this chicken come from?…

The Pasta Queen’s Oxtail Ragu and Maloreddus

This recipe comes from my dear cousin-in-law, better known to the outside world as the charming, hard-working and endlessly talented ‘Rosie MacKean, Pasta Queen’. Rosie chose oxtail because its cheap, versatile and packed full of flavour. Ragu is the perfect meal to feed a crowd, and is a staple Christmas dish in the MacKean household.

The Broma Boys’ Butternut Squash Rogan Josh

Inspired by a version of a healthy hot chocolate, school friends Oli and Charlie launched ‘Broma’, a chocolate sauce that’s made of raw cacao, date syrup and not much else.

The recipe they’ve chosen to share here is not a chocolate one, but a delicious and healthy butternut squash curry that was synonymous with the early days of setting up their business.

Raphi’s Nettle Soup with Wild Garlic Pesto

This nettle soup recipe was inspired by my colleague Raphi, who is a wild food lover and studying herbal medicine. Nettles have long been known for their immune boosting qualities, and now is the best time of year to pick them as the leaves are still young and tender. Easily found, foraging for nettles is…