About Me

Hi, I’m Chloe and I absolutely love food and cooking! Some of my closest friends have been made through cooking and eating together and very often I find myself breaking the ice with strangers by talking about the food they love. For some years now, whenever I’ve gone on holiday I’ve written down recipes from people I meet along the way. Now, i’ve decided to go one step further and start a blog.

This blog is a collection of recipes from people I meet during my travels around the world. But it’s more than just recipes, as well as focusing on the food, I want to shine a light on the people who eat that food and tell a little more of their story – who are they, how do they live and what is the food that makes them, them?

Since I started recording recipes in January 2018, people have opened up about their childhood, spoken about their fears for the future, or explained why they are really in a place. I’ve been invited back to families homes for meals or helped with the cooking at a cafe.

Food is so much more than eating, it’s about people – the meals their mother cooked when they were younger, recipes that have been passed down through generations and clans, or ingredients that have survived the migration from homelands.

Of course, it is also about sharing delicious food and recipes from different cultures all over the world. The kind of home-cooking that when you eat it you know it’s been cooked with love and care. That’s the kind of food you’ll find on this blog.

A proud Mete shows off the vegetables he has been growing on his family farm in Ethiopia