Welcome to my blog ‘People I Meet and Food They Eat’.

In a way, I have been writing a version of this blog for a while.For years, whenever I travelled, I would collect recipes and anecdotes from people I met along the way. The notes would be an assortment of comments about the person, the food culture or quirky traditions, and the recipe itself. Finally, when I left to go travelling in 2018, I decided to make something more of my random scribbles and started a blog.

The level of generosity and enthusiasm I experienced from strangers when I spoke to them about this blog took me completely by surprise. People were so willing to let me into their homes and share their recipes and stories with me. It confirmed for me, food is close to everybody’s hearts, and it’s the people behind the food that makes cooking so endlessly special. Everyone has a story to tell and is able to share it through the lens of food. Cooking and eating that food together is the ultimate bonding experience.

Now I’m back in the U.K I am on a mission to get know the people and food producers that live around me with as much enthusiasm as I had when exploring cultures further afield. The ways of producing and cooking food in the UK are an amazing assortment of local tradition and global fusion. I can’t wait to learn more about it, and speak to the people at the heart of it all.

Let’s eat together.